BBC Interview With The Gully Gully Man

The Gully Gully Man made an appearance on BBC Arabic, leaving everyone speechless with his close-up magic performed live.

An accountant becoming a famous magician, specialised in close-up magic, is of a slightly different background than most entertainers. As a former musician, he always had an interest for the entertainment industry and soon found his talent for performing magic. It might just be this dedication to entertain that makes him so believable to his audience.

He had chosen to perform the classical trick involving three cups and balls. This trick is dating all the way back to ancient Egypt, astonishing audiences for centuries and keeps astonishing today. The history of this trick is important, as the act of involving his Arabic heritage is what makes The Gully Gully Man unique. A magic trick has never fully reached its potential without its background being equally surprising.
Not even a close up view of the cups and balls manages to reveal the illusion. The Gully Gully Man explains as he goes, figuring this performance to be widely known already, but is still able to deceive us. Just when you think you are paying attention, he will lift his hat and reveal a large melon – seemingly from out of nowhere. Also an onion had sneaked in among the oranges popping out of each cup, perhaps a lesson on how easily he is able to distract us.

With quick hands and a natural talent for entertaining as he goes, The Gully Gully Man astonished and amused both hosts of BBC Arabic including its audience.

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